In the Rwanda National vision of graduating job creators not job seekers, Riviera has established a pathway to entrepreneurship whereby students are experiential throughout their life in school. Classroom and co-curricular activities are designed to provide entrepreneurially inclined students with the opportunity to explore, plan business, be challenged and commence business in a supported and encouraging environment.

During holiday breaks students are facilitated to join volunteering programs in the junior years, and in senior years provided with a variety of levels including event management roles to various seminars and conferences, internship/work experience opportunities among the thousands of employers within Rwanda and beyond; after graduation specifically designed business development opportunities to experience the workforce during their gap year prior to university.


Through such partnerships with Babson College , Baylor University or Regent University in the US, Private Sector Federation (PSF), Schools Entrepreneurship Network (SEN), Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ELERwanda), Changing Minds: Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment Rwanda (YEER), Inkomoko, Educat, Go Transit Advertising, innovative partnerships provide a smorgasbord of competitive opportunities without detracting from the core business of the school.



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