Computer Labs

Riviera offers well appointed air conditioned computer laboratories which enable many curricula and co-curricula activities to be offered. The labs are well maintained and networked by in-house ICT technician together with Computer Science teachers. Students of computer science and Cambridge Program bring their laptops which a securely stored and provided for lessons and personal research. Labs offer high-speed optic-fibre WiFi and LAN.

ICT staff are diverse in skills and offer students co-curricular ICT training in 3D animation, N-computing, coding and entrepreneurial guidance. Students are challenged alongside academics to design IT-based solutions to market demands and enter competitions such as Ms Geek founded by Girls in ICT and supported by Imbuto Foundation, and Tigo’s Reach for Change.

Riviera is part of the HeHe ICT Solutions program especially designed for secondary students with a view to mentoring and developing the gifted and talented. Riviera also partners with the JICA sponsored Klab in Kicyiru, where the most gifted get to intern during their final long holiday break.



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