Student Life

The classroom

Class time is a valuable experience at Riviera High School. Our students are taught by some of the very best professionals from East Africa. We encourage an open class room that leaves no room for intimidation. Our students are brought up in a way that they are not afraid of asking any question as long as its for the benefit of their own learning.


Each of our students has a mentor, who is a member of staff. The child meets up with the mentor on a regular basis for purposes of guidance and counseling. The mentor serves as a guide; offering any required support for the learner’s individual progress.


With the help of a professional nutritionist, we provide a well balanced diet to our students. The child is privileged to have an early morning breakfast as well as another breakfast at 11:00 am. At 1:00 pm the child is then served with a nice lunch and later in the evening, the child is served with a well prepared supper.


Recreation in Riviera high school has different faces depending on personal preference. For the swimming type, we have a swimming pool. Those whose game is football, basketball, volley ball, lawn tennis, badminton or any other, we have various playgrounds and every student is entitled to more than an hour of workout per day.



Student trips

Every student at RHS is privileged to have a chance to go out on a trip. This is not only beneficial to the fun side of the student life but a key tool in the learners’ life. On different occasions our students have been taken to different places right from tourist attractions with in Rwanda to other places like factories and government parastatal bodies. On these trips student have a chance to ask the often hospitable guides any question for the purposes of their own learning. In addition, teachers are spot-on when it comes to explaining to our children concepts taught in class.



Spiritual matters

At Riviera High School we are not religiously inclined to one mode of faith. We are open to all legally acceptable faiths. We have the Pentecostal religious affiliation, Seventh day Adventists, catholic and Muslims all given an equal right to express their freedom of worship. In addition tour own staff, we also have religious affiliations with external religious leaders who come around on a weekly basis to offer any required spiritual guidance.

Medical access

Currently we have two residential nurses and one visiting doctor who comes in on a regular basis. Our dispensary is well equipped with relevant drugs and medicines that may be required for any student complication. Any case that requires extra medical attention, we are quick to seek external intervention from some of the country’s top hospitals since every child is under health insurance. We are also flexible enough to let the parent pick their sick child and treat them at a place of their choice.


Each of our students resides in well built a dormitory further partitioned into sizable cubicles. Each cubical takes a maximum of four and is cleaned on a daily basis by our cleaning executives. Each cubicle has inbuilt lockers for each of the occupants necessitating not our student to carry any suitcase for the same purpose.


ICT access

Each and every of our students is given equal access to internet. We have fast internet good for student research as well as any required online class. For some of our students with parents in the Diaspora, this comes in handy when it comes to making Skype calls.



Parents’ visitation

At Riviera High School, the first Sunday of every month means a lot to our students. It is a day where every parent is required to come and check on their child. All parents are encouraged and highly requested to visit their children as a way of keeping the family connection. Besides this, the parent can only visit their child when they have a strong reason to do so.