End of Term 1 Parents Message

Dear parent

As we come to the end of first term, we would like to thank God for seeing us through. It is our sincere hope that you will spend quality time with your child/children in order for them to remain in sharp focus of academic work. Below are some of the key information lines and issues transacted during the term or intended for the new (2nd ) term of 2017;

Closing date

The school will close on Wednesday 29th March. Parents can pick their children as early as 9 am. We would like to wish you and your family a happy Easter holiday. As the students take the desired break, they are encouraged to utilise their time wisely. This is more critical for candidates as time is quickly running out.

Riviera @10

This year, Riviera community is celebrating 10 years of existence. We have lined up educational activities as part of our celebrations.



This term, our students took part in Inter-house Swimming and Marathon where we experienced determination, care and unity of purpose. We have many activities lined up in the second term, culminating into the main celebrations some time towards the end of June. We will, as we said earlier, communicate the exact date once all arrangements are in place.

Learning resources

As we come back for second term, we would like you to purchase the necessary text books for your child/children. Second term is bound to be a busy one particularly for the candidates for whom we have planned to cover the syllabus adequately, for which the text books are of great necessity. The availability of text books enhances quality readership and learners who gain the skill early in life easily achieve their career goals.

Music as part of the Curriculum

We introduced music lessons this term and our students have enjoyed the use of instruments and music composition generally. We have talent in the school that we are currently starting with, with an aim of developing the school band. An invigorated school curriculum is one in which the learner has many career options. This is what we are trying to encourage at Riviera.

music classes

We would like to request you to support your child by helping them identify the instrument they are interested in so that you can help them acquire it. This program has attracted so many learners that we feel it is time we took it to the next level for their benefit.


With improved internet connectivity around the school, the use of laptops has fitted in very well especially as a research tool. If your child does not have one, they have been missing a lot in their lessons. The school would like to give a directive that we will not allow the borrowing of laptops starting from next term. It is now compulsory for students to own their personal laptops.

Security cards

Starting next term, we will not allow into school parents or guardians without a security card. We have passed many reminders on this subject and we would like all parents to take it seriously as a security measure.

security card111

If you have not received your security card, please contact the school and in particular the office of the Deputy Principal- Welfare Mr. Charles Owino, as you come to pick your child on Wednesday 29th march.

 School fees balances

You are reminded to clear any outstanding fees as those with balance will not be allowed in school in the new term.

RHS - Principal



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