The National Curriculum sets an already high standard of quality teaching for quality learning in which Riviera is a well resourced academic environment. Highly achieving students graduate to take up offers in universities such as New York University Abu Dhabi, Oklahoma Christian University and others in the US, in countries of China, Malaysia and India.

Riviera offers a full secondary school program from Senior 1 to Senior 6. The National Curriculum is revised regularly by international consultants to cater for the ever growing economic and educative demands of the country and world at large. The curriculum is one of the most highly developed in Africa and from a 12 year education system positions students for study abroad.

Ordinary Level - is a three year program from S1 to S3 and is completed by national examinations. Subjects offered and examined include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Entrepreneurship, English Language, French, Swahili and Kinyarwanda. Literature in English and Computing are offered, but are non-examinable.

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Advanced Level – Successful candidates from O’level or equivalent, promote to A’level. This is also a three year program from S4 to S6 leading to ‘A’ Level national examination and a Certificate of Completion from the Rwanda Education Board (REB). Combinations offered include

Science Combinations are:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB)
  • Mathematics, Physics, Geography (MPG)
  • Mathematics, Economics, Geography (MEG)
  • Mathematics, Economics, Computer Studies (MEC)
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Studies (MPC)
  • Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (BCM)
  • Compulsory & Examinable General Paper & Entrepreneurship lessons are also taken
  • Compulsory, but Non- Examinable ICT and English lessons are also taken

Arts Combinations are:

  • History, Economics, Geography (HEG)
  • History, Economics, Literature (HEL)
  • History, Geography, Literature (HGL)
  • Literature, Economics, Geography (LEG)
  • Compulsory & Examinable General Paper & Entrepreneurship lessons are also taken
  • Compulsory, but Non- Examinable ICT lessons are also taken.

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Alongside Rwanda National Examinations, we offer the Cambridge framework for students who prefer an international curriculum giving them the opportunity to be part of the global community and the world’s most popular international qualification.

The Cambridge slogan is ‘Education fit for the future: planning for a changing world’. We offer the Cambridge Secondary 1 and 2 course (IGCSE) for ages 11 to 16 and Cambridge Advanced AS and A levels for ages 16 to 19. Cambridge A level is also considered as a pre-university year which in all provides the 13 year basic primary/secondary education for university readiness across the UK and Europe. United States, Canada, Kenya, South Africa and others require the 12 years of basic primary/secondary education.


IGCSE Yr 8 - 11. Riviera offers subjects in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Geography and History. Non-examinable ICT is also offered.

AS & A Level Yr 12 - 13 principal subjects offered are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Geography and History.  Subsidiary subjects are English Language, Psychology and General Paper. Students must take a minimum of three Primary and one Secondary subject.

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