About us

Welcome to Riviera High School

Welcome to Riviera High School. We are located about 20 Kilometers from Kigali – capital city of Rwanda. We are the leading international school offering both the National and Cambridge curriculum. We are a multi lingual and interracial community of individuals doing our best to affect our students in a positive way.

Our teachers in both National and Cambridge are curriculum is equally devoted to teaching our students the desire to learn and become better citizens. Our aim is not only to prepare the child for exams but for the ever changing future to come.

Besides the normal excellent class room, we are well facilitated school; endowed with nature in a serene environment perfectly fit for learning. We have all the necessary facilities right from ICT for education, to things like a well stocked library, science labs, sports grounds, diet, as well as many extra co-curricular activities ranging from student clubs to trips with in the country.

Spiritually we belief in the relevance of the creator in humanity and we embrace all acceptable faiths without segregation. Each faith is well catered for; right from Catholics, evangelicals/Pentecostals, the SDA community as well as Muslims.

Each and every new day we are continuously becoming the best and this is the sole reason we want you to choose a school that is strictly equipped to turn your child into the next responsible citizen.

"To deliver a learner centered education underpinned by established teaching skills and a strong school culture which ensures that it is high performing, disciplined, ethical, self-developmental and aware of its educational and social environment."

"To produce a special quality of students whom colleges, universities and employers will compete to enroll, due to their high levels of performance, ethics and good citizenship."





You Belong Here!

Who we are

We welcome Adventure.

Located in the heart of Kigali-Rwanda, our classrooms extend into the vibrant city around us. Our horizons are not borders and our classrooms are not bound by walls — they are invitations to new experiences. What will you find?

We push Forward.

From academics to athletics, we at Riviera never shy away from a challenge. By pushing boundaries and challenging expectations, we make an impact in everything that we do — no matter the venue.



At Riviera, you'll find a world of possibility at your fingertips. Our classrooms, co-op program, student organizations, and even the city we live in, all present unique opportunities for new thinking for our students. Riviera is different. Are you?

We Navigate the Future.

Students are regularly supported in navigating their future through careers advice, SAT and TOEFL practice papers, and application process for university entry and in particular scholarships to universities.

We Are Community

At Riviera we are proud to be composed of people from all kinds of races, tribes, religions and countries all living together as one.



We are experienced.

Cooperative education is the centerpiece of our approach, preparing you to apply your knowledge in the real world and building your résumé as you learn. With  our vast experience, our program provides avenues of success for every interest.

At Riviera,  we don't just work towards Excellence in every aspect, we Live it!


Why Riviera?

We are Twice the choice.

Riviera is one High School with two different comprehensive academic curriculums. You can choose from the Cambridge International Program or the Rwandan National Program. Students, who commence under the National Program, may opt across to the parallel class of the Cambridge Program.
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An Active Extra- Curricular Life.

Riviera High School students pursue all manner of activities outside the classroom. The campus has a lively theatrical tradition, a host of shows ranging from modern and traditional dance, fashion to talent search, art, craft, music and photography clubs, entrepreneurship groups, bakery, media, physics, biology, 3D animation clubs, and an energetic intra/intermural sports program.

Your Preparation For Life

As students work in and across disciplines, humanities, literary, musical, mathematical, and scientific domains, they acquire habits of mental stimulation, flexibility and focus; develop their powers of intellect, critical thinking and imagination—and so become effective analysts, problem solvers, leaders, debaters, thinkers, and communicators.