Rwanda National Curriculum

Rwanda Education Board
The National Curriculum sets an already high standard of quality teaching for quality learning in which Riviera is a well resourced academic environment. Highly achieving students graduate to take up offers in universities such as New York University Abu Dhabi, Oklahoma Christian University and others in the US, in countries of China, Malaysia and India.

Cambridge Curriculum

University of Cambridge International Examinations
Alongside Rwanda National Examinations, we Offer the Cambridge framework for students that do prefer the international syllabus giving them the opportunity to be part of this global community.


  • Mr. Keya Donicious
    Mr. Keya Donicious, H.O.D Math/Physics/ICT

    Mr. Keya Donicious "I enjoy the atmosphere here, I like my colleagues and my students. our administration is so supportive and we shall always excel as a school and as a department."

  • The School Principal
    Mr. Boniface Onyango, Principal

    Mr. Boniface Onyango "We commit ourselves to academic excellence and the pursuit of wisdom which flows from free inquiry, ethical values and human experience. We strive to preserve and enhance an atmosphere in which scholarly research, imaginative methodology, global awareness and an enthusiastic quest for truth serve as the basis of a vital teaching-learning process and the development…

  • Ibrahim Ntwari
    Ibrahim Ntwari, , Student Yr12

    Ibrahim Ntwari, Focusing and extending minds and hearts to nurture one’s own and another’s good. Love expressed in the school community is not a feeling but an action for the corporate good manifested through the time, talent and energy of its members. It is a responsible dedication to utilize available resources and turn them towards humanity’s good.…


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Kigali, Rwanda

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All students live in well
appointed and secure self contained

On campus students housing is home away from home with all the necessities one will need for a comfortable life in a secure, environmentally eco-friendly environment.