Welcome to Riviera High School

The Oasis of Knowledge

Riviera High School is a secondary school for boys and girls and takes boarding students only. The age range is from 10 to 20 years old. The school lies some 20 kilometers East of Kigali city centre at Kabuga, on the road to Kayonza, in a scenic, hilly setting on 30 acres of landscaped private grounds. This clean, beautiful and secure location provides an ideal environment for the education and welfare of teenage students.

The student population has grown from 69, when the school opened in 2007, to over 500. The students are mainly Rwandans, but there are over 100 boys and girls from Burundi, who have enrolled and performed well in their quest for an Anglo-phone learning system. There are other students from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman, Cameroon, Senegal and Benin and some from Rwandan families with European or American back-grounds.

The school offers a strict but humanely administered disciplinary regime and any necessary disciplinary measures are balanced with counseling sessions for the students concerned. Its informal philosophy of "live and learn at Riviera High School" promotes a culture of manageability, responsibility and good sense among students, a willingness to learn from and communicate with their teachers, and a desire to teach oneself. These components fall naturally in line with the Vision and Mission statements of the school.

The newly built infrastructure is very neat and practical, and well adapted to the key functions of the school. It includes a 50/50 balance of boys’ and girls’ separate residential accommodation, class-rooms for up to 35 students each, an IT Resource Centre with 2 Computer Labs with internet connectivity and separate Science Laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For leisure, sports and functions, there is a large hall, a 25 metre swimming pool, a grass football pitch two basketball courts, a volleyball pitch and a lawn tennis court.

Riviera High School was awarded Cambridge International Centre status in November 2010 and is now running the University of Cambridge KS 3, KS 4 (IGCSE) and GCE AS&A Level Programmes alongside the Rwanda National Curriculum.

The language of instruction is English.